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Paying Inheritance Tax

Will You Have to Worry about Paying an Inheritance Tax?

Tuesday, May 26 2015

The first step in determining whether an inheritance tax is due is understanding the different types of taxes a beneficiary might be obligated to pay. If you inherit assets from

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What's a Money Manager and How Can You Select the Best One?

What’s a Money Manager and How Can You Select the Best One?

Thursday, May 21 2015

A money manager is an accomplished professional who provides advice and counsel on a wide range of financial matters. He or she can work for a firm that provides services

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The Basics of Phoenix Financial Services

Understanding the Basics of Phoenix Financial Services

Tuesday, May 19 2015

Through Phoenix financial services, consumers can get help navigating their financial lives. The professionals working in the financial services industry offer advice covering a wide spectrum of financial topics. They

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Family Trust

Should You Set-up a Family Trust?

Thursday, May 14 2015

When you establish a family trust, you’re protecting your assets while you’re still alive. You continue to use them, except you legally no longer own them. The legal ownership is

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How Asset Management in Arizona Works

How Asset Management in Arizona Works

Tuesday, May 12 2015

Asset management in Arizona can refer to work done on behalf of an individual or a corporation. What’s the difference between these two focuses? When it relates to corporate finance,

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Do You Have to Pay Estate Tax in Arizona?

Do You Have to Pay Estate Tax in Arizona?

Thursday, May 7 2015

As of January 1, 2005, individuals do not have to pay estate tax in Arizona. Prior to this date, Arizona collected an estate tax called the “pick up tax.” The

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finding an investment advisor

6 Ways to Find an Investment Advisor in Arizona

Tuesday, May 5 2015

Whether you’re hiring an investment advisor in Arizona for the first time or looking to make a change from your current advisor, you should carefully consider your options. After all,

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