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Tax Planning & Tax Efficiency Solutions

Effective tax planning uses a methodical approach to legally minimize your federal and state taxes while not compromising the performance and diversification within your portfolio. WealthTrust Arizona’s financial advisors work with your CPA to understand how taxes affect your portfolio to better protect your wealth.

WealthTrust Arizona’s investment advisors, together with your estate planning attorney and CPA, will help you:

  • Title your assets for tax efficiency.
  • Determine whether you belong in tax-free or taxable bonds.
  • Defer, or even reduce, taxes on the sale of your investment real estate with appropriate titling and trust techniques.
  • Help you navigate the confusing world of estate taxes, keeping you up-to-date on current, pending and possible legislation and how those changes could impact you and your portfolio.
  • Use irrevocable trusts to leverage your testamentary gifts, lower your estate and income taxes, and provide a lasting legacy.

WealthTrust Arizona’s financial advisors will work with your existing CPAs and estate attorneys to find the ethical, appropriate tax planning solutions you need to minimize your federal and state tax bills.


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