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Portfolio Management Services in Phoenix

The most effective investment portfolio begins with a written financial plan that determines how we manage your portfolio. At WealthTrust Arizona, your investment advisor will lay out a thoroughly researched portfolio management strategy, including an allocation of assets designed to help you reach your goals.

WealthTrust Arizona’s Portfolio Management Process


1. Financial Planning: Clarify the Client's Current Situation

Collect and assess relevant financial data and explore and understand each client's values, lifestyle, attitudes and financial goals.


2. Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of the most important factors in achieving successful investment results. Based on the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, our asset allocation process begins with the evaluation of each client's individual goals and objectives. We consider your:

Your asset allocation will consistently seek appropriate diversification as we regularly monitor and adjust your portfolio's allocation to adhere to your financial plan.


3. Develop Investment Policy

As part of the portfolio management process, we provide each client a written investment policy presenting our specific recommendations. We identify barriers that might impact the achievement of financial goals and offer solutions for any gaps or weaknesses we uncover in our comprehensive analytical review. Implementation will not occur until you understand and endorse your written financial plan.


4. Investment Policy Implementation

In addition to our proprietary managed equity and fixed income strategies, our clients enjoy an open architecture platform providing access to other external institutional managers and investment strategies including:

  • Specialty Equity and Fixed-Income Strategies - We actively search for outstanding investment talent in strategies and sectors which complement a client’s portfolio, as a way to bring additional value to their investment strategies.
  • Alternative Investments - We actively pursue alternative investment strategies such as real-estate, private equity and other alternative strategies that tend to give a more consistent return on investment for clients.


5. Regularly Review, Monitor and Revise

We consistently monitor our client's progress to enhance the achievement of their investment and planning goals. Regular meetings with our clients are essential to review any changes in life or economic conditions so we can revise their written financial plan.


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