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Financial Planning Services in Phoenix

At WealthTrust Arizona, the first step in the financial planning process is to create a written financial plan that outlines a step-by-step strategy that our financial advisors can leverage to achieve your financial goals. We require each client to have a financial plan that enables them to map out their future, set milestones to measure progress and anticipate and prepare for life’s risks.

With each client, our investment advisors take the time to:

  • Review present and future financial and life goals.
  • Take an inventory of current assets and compare risks with historical returns.
  • Complete a full analysis of your portfolio including measuring risk versus potential returns.
  • Make sound portfolio recommendations.

By reviewing a client’s present and future financial life, WealthTrust Arizona’s financial advisors are able to address typical client questions and concerns that include:

  • Have I planned enough for retirement, so I don’t outlive my assets?
  • How do I plan for uncertainties in the market?
  • If I get sick, will I be able to afford the care I need and still be able to take care of my family?
  • Where is the most risk in my portfolio?
  • Is financially assisting my family jeopardizing my retirement assets?
  • Is my portfolio properly diversified and positioned well for the uncertainty of the market?
  • How will inflation or deflation impact my portfolio?
  • Should gold be in my portfolio?
  • Is there a bubble in the bond market and how will it affect my portfolio?
  • Is my municipal bond portfolio safe?

Our financial plans are not set in stone. We regularly review and update a client’s written financial plan to ensure it evolves and changes based on the current market and any life changes.


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