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Do You Know How to Maneuver Today’s Complex Investment Marketplace?

Unless you enjoy constantly monitoring your asset allocations, WealthTrust Arizona has a solution. Our credentialed professionals will provide customized asset management services to help you navigate a complex investment environment.

As fee-based advisors, WealthTrust Arizona focuses its services on meeting your family’s requirements. Our relationship is structured in a way that our success depends on your success.

As part of a strategic, proven system, WealthTrust’s approach to asset management involves these steps:

  • We use proven tools to gather information about you and your financial life. Asset management begins with fully understanding your current situation, your goals, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon, your expected returns and more.
  • We develop and present you with options for your asset allocation, based on what we learned in the initial step of the process. Considering various levels of risk, you can evaluate the return potential of each option. This evaluation will help us find the best fit for your goals.
  • We create your portfolio. Working closely with your WealthTrust Arizona advisor, you can begin to see how your assets will be allocated and your portfolio starts to take shape.
  • We proactively monitor your portfolio and make any necessary changes. If your life situation changes, we adjust your asset allocation accordingly. If the market dynamics shift, we respond. WealthTrust Arizona remains focused on managing your assets in a way that will achieve the highest level of performance.

By following our asset management process, you’re freed from the day-to-day involvement of managing your investments. With a WealthTrust Arizona advisor, you’ll benefit from:

  • A relationship based on trust and mutual respect from day-one
  • Working with a professional who’s completely vested in your success
  • A comprehensive plan based on informed choices
  • Continual monitoring of the global financial marketplace, your asset allocations, your level of diversification and the progress you’re making in achieving your goals
  • Access to a wide range of resources that help manage risk

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