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Make Sure Your Financial Advisor is Qualified

Initials Mean Something

You probably would not go to a physician who did not have the initials “Dr.” after his or her name. You should also be wary of entrusting your money to a financial planner who does not possess a professional designation.

“Titles such as CFP or CFA are not just initials after a name. They are a tangible sign a person is committed to learning about the best practices of money management, and are ready to put that knowledge to use in growing the portfolios of their clients,” says Brent McQuiston, a Certified Financial Planner® at WealthTrust Arizona. 

Here are just a few of the professional designations you should be aware of when choosing a financial advisor, and the level of commitment it takes to earn them:

  • CFP: Certified Financial Planner. A person must take the equivalent of 15 credit hours of undergraduate-level courses, culminating in ten hours of exams spread out over two days.
  • CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst. Requires roughly 900 hours of study in accounting, economics, ethics, finance and mathematics. Students must pass three, six-hour exams. Only 42 percent of candidates pass those three required exams, which can take several years.

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Wealthtrust Arizona is one of the Top 15 Independent fee-based Registered Investment Advisor firms in Arizona, based on assets under management. Unlike most other wealth management firms, WealthTrust Arizona utilizes a committee-based approach to making the important decisions which impact your portfolio. Our teams of financial advisors work in groups, monitoring and tracking market, political and economic trends. They then formulate strategic investment recommendations, thereby empowering their clients by providing them with the most advantageous recommendations possible.



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