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Give Yourself a Financial Check Up For 2013

Make Sure Your Portfolio Is Healthy

You go to your doctor on a regular basis to see how your health is doing. You follow a regular schedule of maintenance for your car. It also makes sense to keep an eye on your financial health with regular check-ups.

Financial experts say that, while the fiscal cliff is behind us, contentious battles over spending, budget cuts and sequestration lie ahead. According to Mike Bowen, senior vice president at WealthTrust Arizona, now is the perfect time to have a fresh set of eyes look over your portfolio and investments.

“You should take advantage of robust markets and improving economic conditions while they last,” he says. “You must make sure you are not locked into outdated investment strategies.”

Here are a few tips high-net-worth individuals should follow to give themselves a financial tune-up:

  • Reevaluate your financial plan. Sit down with a financial advisor to go over the details of your financial plan. Make sure you are still on track to meet your goals, and determine whether those goals have changed over time.

  • Make sure your estate plan is up-to-date. Consult with your investment advisor and attorney to make sure your estate plan continues to reflect your wishes, and that your heirs will be taken care of.
  • Look at your investment strategy. Is your current asset allocation where it should be? Do you have the right mix of bonds, stocks and alternative investments? Are your investments too aggressive, or not aggressive enough?

To put your Wealth to work, call Mike Bowen directly at (800) 694-5994. Visit www.WealthTrust to learn more.

Wealthtrust Arizona is one of the Top 15 Independent fee-based Registered Investment Advisor firms in Arizona, based on assets under management. Unlike many other wealth management firms, WealthTrust Arizona utilizes a committee-based approach to making the important decisions which impact your portfolio. Our teams of financial advisors work in groups, monitoring and tracking market, political and economic trends. They then formulate strategic investment recommendations, thereby empowering their clients by providing them with the most advantageous recommendations possible.



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