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Scottsdale Financial Advisors Providing Retirement Planning for High-Net Worth Investors

The Scottsdale financial advisors at WealthTrust Arizona offer professional retirement planning services targeted to meet the needs of high-net worth individuals. Wealthy investors often have different financial objectives and life goals, which require specialized retirement planning. Below are four important steps to help high-net worth individuals effectively plan for retirement.

Step 1: Asset & Goal Assessment

The first step in planning for retirement is assessing your current assets and formulating a plan that leverages those assets to achieve your long-term goals. Based on your retirement plans and risk tolerance, the Scottsdale financial advisors at WealthTrust Arizona will offer investment recommendations designed to preserve your assets and increase your wealth.

Step 2: Tax Planning

The second step in developing an effective retirement plan is tax planning. The goal of tax planning is to reduce your tax burdens and maximize the assets available to you during retirement. Accordingly, a professional at WealthTrust Arizona will advise as to when and how much you should withdraw from your pensions, IRAs and 401(k) plans in order to reduce your tax liability and achieve a comfortable retirement.

Step 3: Portfolio Development & Management

The third step to retirement planning is developing a diversified portfolio that is tailored to achieve your long-term goals. Your financial advisor will make recommendations to build a well diversified portfolio in light of current market trends. Ongoing management of that portfolio will also be necessary to ensure optimal performance over time.

Step 4: Periodic Review of Your Financial Plan

The fourth and final step to retirement planning is performing a periodic review of your financial plan to make sure you are still on track to reach your retirement goals. Your goals may change as your lifestyle changes, and the advisors at WealthTrust Arizona will be there to re-assess your goals and revise your retirement plan to reflect your changing objectives. Call (480) 483-7300 today to schedule a free retirement planning consultation with the Scottsdale financial advisors at WealthTrust Arizona.

Advisory services offered through WealthTrust Arizona, a registered investment advisor. WealthTrust Arizona does not engage in the trust business in the state of Arizona or in any other jurisdiction. Not FDIC insured. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value, including loss of principal. Not insured by any state or federal agency.


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