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Will Your Beneficiaries Pay Inheritance Taxes

Will Your Beneficiaries Pay Inheritance Taxes in Arizona? Will You Pay Estate Taxes on Your Arizona Estate?

Friday, October 16 2015

Fortunately for Arizona residents, the answer to these questions is no! Unlike Arizona, some state have an inheritance tax. But Arizona has long been a top tax-friendly state for retirees.

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Personal Financial Management

What’s Your Preferred Approach to Personal Financial Management?

Wednesday, October 14 2015

Every investor has different experiences, knowledge and preferences when it comes to personal financial management. Everyone also has different amounts of available time to devote to investing and varying levels

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Retirement Strategies for High Income Earners

Top Retirement Strategies for High Income Earners

Monday, October 12 2015

The top federal income tax bracket currently stands at 39.6% — and future increases to this already staggering rate aren’t out of the realm of possibilities. When you also consider

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Portfolio Advisors

Investing Tips from Portfolio Advisors for High-Net-Worth Investors

Friday, October 9 2015

Investing goals for most investors are pretty straightforward:  maximize your returns while minimizing your taxes. It may be easy for some high-net-worth investors to develop an appropriate mix of stocks,

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How to Get the Most from Professional Financial Advising

Wednesday, October 7 2015

Professional financial advising starts with establishing a good relationship with an accomplished financial planner. The best advisor will take the time necessary to understand your financial concerns. They’ll look at

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Estate Planning Basics

Phoenix Estate Planning Basics

Monday, October 5 2015

Understanding estate planning basics is an absolute requirement, especially for high-net-worth individuals.  The more things you own of value that you want to give to heirs and/or charity, the more

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Fiduciary Investment Advisor

Are You Working Only with Fiduciary Investment Advisors?

Friday, October 2 2015

When you seek investment advice, the very first thing to ask is which standard the advisor adheres to – fiduciary or suitability. Knowing the difference between these two standards could

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Questions to Ask Your Wealth Manager

4 Important Questions to Ask Your Wealth Manager

Wednesday, September 30 2015

When the stock market is humming along, investors may be less likely to ask questions of their wealth managers. But when things seem to be going south, like during the

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Financial advising

Why Affluent Investors Need a Wealth Management Firm in Phoenix

Monday, September 28 2015

Wealth is gained in many ways. Some people earn a lot of money from a business they own. Others inherit assets from a relative. And some achieve wealth through years

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Private Wealth Management

What’s the Difference between Financial Management and Private Wealth Management?

Friday, September 25 2015

The simple answer is the type of client each type of advisor serves. A wealth manager is a financial manager. But, a financial manager isn’t necessarily a well-qualified wealth manager.

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