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How Asset Managers in Phoenix Help Design Well Allocated Portfolios

Thursday, December 31 2015

To achieve your financial goals, whether it be to save for retirement, fund your children’s college educations or buy a second home, your portfolio must have the proper allocation of

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Certified Estate Planner vs Certified Financial Planner

Wednesday, December 30 2015

The field of wealth management covers a vast subject area, including financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning, portfolio management, asset management, risk management and more. As you seek

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Avoid Making the #1 Investing Blunder by Working with a Portfolio Consultant in Phoenix

Tuesday, December 29 2015

Putting too much money in one investment is a common problem and easier than you may think to do. Although considered a rookie mistake, the number one investing blunder is

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3 Steps to Successful Investment Planning in Phoenix

Monday, December 28 2015

Making the most of your financial situation requires a solid plan. Whether you work on your own or with a professional who offers investment planning in Phoenix, a plan provides

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Why Use Fiduciary Services in Scottsdale

Why Use Fiduciary Services in Scottsdale for a Power of Attorney

Wednesday, December 23 2015

As Alzheimer’s disease increasingly plagues the elderly, financial management becomes crucial before this disease or any other incapacitating illness affects a person’s ability to make sound decisions. Creating a power

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Definition of Fiduciary Relationship

What is the Legal Definition of Fiduciary Relationship?

Tuesday, December 22 2015

Although some minor differences in wording exist among the various legal descriptions of fiduciary relationship, the term’s meaning remains the same. Here are some definitions from a few well known

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What is Investment Management?

What is Investment Management?

Monday, December 21 2015

Managing investments is a complex task. Even for the financially savvy, the job can be daunting. The first step is to truly understand the definition – what is investment management

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What Does a Financial Consultant in Phoenix Really Do?

Friday, December 18 2015

In the past, a financial consultant was likely a stockbroker, community banker or an insurance salesperson. Today, a financial consultant in Phoenix might assume all these roles and perform a

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Wealth Management Services in Scottsdale

Wealth Management Services in Scottsdale Can Help with Trust-Based Solutions

Thursday, December 17 2015

A greater number of affluent families are turning to wealth management services in Scottsdale to manage their inheritance issues. One of these issues involves selecting a trustee who can provide

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Benefits of Fee-Based Financial Planning in Phoenix

The Benefits of Fee-Based Financial Planning in Phoenix

Tuesday, December 15 2015

When compared to commission-based advising, fee-based financial planning in Phoenix offers a major benefit – a fiduciary duty that eliminates conflicts of interest. Because their compensation is based on commissions,

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