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Estate Planning Checklist

Why You Need an Estate Planning Checklist

Monday, August 31 2015

Nobody likes to think about their life coming to an end. However, lack of proper estate planning can lead to family squabbles, your wishes not being carried out as you

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Wealth management

What Type of Clients Use Wealth Management in Scottsdale?

Friday, August 28 2015

Wealth management goes beyond investment advice. It covers every aspect of a person’s financial life. In wealth management, a financial advisor provides professional advice on individual financial planning, portfolio management,

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Financial Plan

What Should a Financial Plan Include?

Wednesday, August 26 2015

By developing a financial plan, you highlight areas you need to address in your financial life. Your plan is a great diagnostic tool for getting and keeping your finances on

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Arizona Investment Advisor

How Phoeix Investment Advisors Develop the Investment Policy

Monday, August 24 2015

One of the most important responsibilities of Phoenix investment advisors is creating the investment policy statement. This statement is a blueprint or roadmap outlining how investments will be selected and managed.

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Investment Portfolio

A 5-Step Approach to Asset Management in Phoenix

Thursday, August 20 2015

Asset management in Phoenix helps you develop and execute an investment strategy that takes into account every part of your financial life. As your financial advocate, your investment advisor will

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Do You Need a Financial Planner or Financial Advisor in Arizona?

Do You Need a Financial Planner or Financial Advisor in Phoenix?

Tuesday, August 18 2015

Today, investors can choose to work with a wide variety of financial professionals. The diverse titles given to advisors can make it difficult to decide who to select. For example,

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Portfolio Planning

Considering Investment Constraints for Portfolio Planning in Arizona

Thursday, August 13 2015

To meet investment goals, investors must follow a proven process for portfolio planning in Arizona. This process typically follows these five steps: Conduct Financial Planning to Clarify Your Current Situation

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Financial Advisor Assisting Senior Couple

Asset Allocation and the Nobel Prize-Winning Modern Portfolio Theory

Tuesday, August 11 2015

As one of the most important factors in achieving successful investment results, asset allocation must follow a methodical process. Some financial advisors base this process on the Modern Portfolio Theory

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Couple With Financial Advisor At Sofa

New Proposed Laws May Require Fiduciary Roles for Brokers Managing Retirement Plans

Thursday, August 6 2015

As covered in a recent InvestmentNews article, President Obama directed the Department of Labor to act on a proposal that would raise the standards for investment advice provided by brokers

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Couple With Financial Advisor At Table

Retirement Planning – Deciding What You’ll Do During a New Phase of Life

Tuesday, August 4 2015

Regardless of what you choose to do, retirement planning is a prerequisite for everyone. Whether you want to travel, start a new career or pursue a new hobby, this major

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