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About WealthTrust Arizona Financial Advisors

WealthTrust Arizona’s financial advisors serve individuals in Arizona and 35 other states from our Scottsdale and Chandler offices. We have clients throughout Arizona, including Phoenix and the entire Valley, as well as Tucson and Sedona.

We limit our practice to select clients thereby ensuring our financial advisors are able to develop a more personal relationship with our selective collection of high-net worth clients.

Each financial advisor at WealthTrust Arizona is a fee- only financial planner. By offering fee-based financial planning, it means our success is inextricably linked to our clients’ financial health – bottom line, when you prosper, we prosper.

WealthTrust Arizona is committee-based. What does that mean for clients? At WealthTrust Arizona our financial planners serve on committees that monitor, track and report on market and economic trends. We work in this way to enable our clients to reap the benefits of having multiple minds monitor and understand how trends affect the portfolios.

You can expect a written financial plan of action. We will not manage your assets unless it is pursuant to a financial plan that you, as the client, must authorize. We believe having a sound financial strategy that you agree to, in writing, sets the foundation for success, identifies how to achieve your financial and retirement goals and measures our progress along the way.

You review, understand and control the financial plan we develop for you. Unlike most wealth management firms, our financial planners meet with you to discuss and understand your future life and financial goals. We then develop a financial plan that serves as the road map to achieving your goals.  We then set milestones to measure progress and to anticipate and plan for life’s risks.

You are a key component in formulating and implementing your financial plan. If you don’t approve it, we don’t pursue it – pure and simple.

You can expect an outstanding personal relationship with a team. As a client, you will deal directly with a financial advisor who will take the time to understand your situation, objectives, estate planning and retirement planning needs and your risk tolerance. We work directly with other advisors including CPAs, attorneys and trustees, to ensure that the investments we make will align with your estate plans and that you are not faced with heavy tax burdens.

You can expect WealthTrust Arizona to develop comprehensive solutions to your complex wealth management and estate planning needs. Our team-based approach helps you achieve your financial planning goals, including maximizing your estate, business ownership succession, retirement planning, minimizing your tax obligation and continuing your family legacy.

Our financial advisors will work with your CPA, attorneys and other trusted professionals to help you make intelligent choices that align with your financial and personal goals.


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